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All plans have all the features with unlimited number of clients, groups and co-trainers.



  • Coach App
  • Client App*
  • Up to 25 plans**



  • Coach App
  • Client App*
  • Up to 50 plans**



  • Coach App
  • Client App*
  • Up to 200 plans**

White Label Plan

  • Coach App
  • Free Client App with own brand
  • Unlimited number of plans**

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* Client App costs approximately $2.90 in AppStore or Google Play depending on the client's location and the platform of his or her device. The cost is a one-time fee and it is always the client who is charged.

** One workout plan with several daily workouts is counted as 1 plan. One nutrition plan with several daily diets is counted as 1 plan. You will be notified when your limit is being reached, so you can upgrade or delete some plans to stay under the limit.

The backbone for a coaching business

For ambitious coaches, trainers, and gyms around the world, Trainero makes running a coaching business a simple, borderless, and enjoyable experience. Our Team is constantly developing the service to make it the best coaching platform ever built.


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