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Workout Plans

Build fantastic workout plans by using Exercise Collection that has over 2000 exercises. It's easy to search and explore. With the help of Workout Wizard, you can create workout plans in less than 60 seconds.

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Nutrition Plans

Build detailed diet plans by using over 4000 food items. Tag your favorites and save meals for reuse.

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Clients & Groups

Train single clients or even large-scale groups effortlessly.

Progress Tracking

When clients write down results in their Client Account, you will see the progress in one glance.

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Allow access to your co-trainers, too. You can add any number of trainers - there are no limits.


Chat with your clients, group or with your colleagues in real-time. No need for additional messenger apps - everything is built-in!

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All plans have all the features with unlimited number of clients, groups and co-trainers.



Up to 50 plans*



Up to 600 plans*

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** One workout plan with several daily workouts is counted as 1 plan. One nutrition plan with several daily diets is counted as 1 plan. You will be notified when your limit is being reached, so you can upgrade or delete some plans to stay under the limit.