CRM-i juhtimine

Hallake oma ettevõtet täielikult integreeritud CRM-iga, mis töötab sujuvalt Trainero teiste osadega. Hallake kliente, treenereid, veebipoe tooteid, tellimusi ja makseid.


Trainero is a versatile coaching platform and it also includes a CRM that helps to streamline the managing process.

You no longer need any external systems and tedious integrations between them. With Trainero's CRM, you can manage the entire package: coaches, customers, and staff.

All of the Trainero's features are designed to work seamlessly together.

Manage users

With the CRM, you can manage your entire user base, from customers to staff.

  • Gym chain management: You can add locations, manage accounts, and track key figures
  • Coach management: Add an unlimited number of coaches and track activity
  • Client management: Track client activity, online store purchases, and the number of app downloads
  • Group management

Appointment Booking

A versatile appointment scheduling calendar is available in client accounts, coach accounts, and CRM.

  • The staff can determine the available times for coaches, group exercise classes, and different facilities.
  • Clients can book appointments in their app
  • Follow how the classes are being held per location
  • Download appointment reports to an Excel file for salary calculations

Manage the Online Store

Manage and edit the products and layout of your online store. Add products, courses, and programs for sale with a couple of clicks.

You can sell products with either a one-time payment or recurring invoicing, such as a monthly gym membership.

Activate the payment methods you want, and then the revenue stream will come directly to your business without middlemen.


Digital Contracts

Create an unlimited number of custom contract templates, and attach them to the products and services you sell online

Before purchasing the product or service, the customer must accept the terms of the contract

After the purchase, the digital contracts are saved to the client's account and the CRM

Track and Analyze

You can easily see the key figures of the online store. For example, which online courses are the most popular, and how much is the total revenue.

You can also track the activity of coaches and different locations.

You can install your own tracking codes, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and even Google Tagmanager to provide you with valuable insight to your business

Download reports to Excel files, and use them in accounting


Nearly 20 ready-made integrations with different systems: multiple payment methods, tracking & analytics, chat for customer service, your own e-mail server, etc. This allows you to expand the functionality in several different ways.

In addition, you have a versatile API at your disposal API.

White Label Client App-mobiilirakendus oma kaubamärgiga

White Label - meie kontseptsiooni abil saate oma klientidele pakkuda enda kaubamärgiga mobiilirakendust, mida toetab turul kõige interaktiivseim ja paindikuim treeningplatvorm. Rakendus kasutab uusimaid pilvetehnoloogiaid ja võimaldab Teil toota kvaliteetseid ning kaasaegseid treeningpakette oma klientidele.

Rohkem   Võta meiega ühendust!


Kõik paketid on täisfunktsionaalsed ja sisaldavad piiramatu arvu kliendikontosid, rühmasid ning treenerikontosid.



  • Rakendus treeneritele
  • Rakendus klientidele
  • Veebipood
  • Kuni 600 kava*

White Label

  • Rakendus treeneritele
  • Kliendirakendus oma brändiga
  • Veebipood
  • Piiramatu arv plaane*

* Üks treeningkava, milles on mitmeid treeninguid erinevatele päevadele, loetakse üheks kavaks. Üks toitumiskava, milles on mitmeid toidukordasid erinevatele päevadele, loetakse samuti üheks kavaks. Kui paketi kavapiirang hakkab täituma, teavitame Teid sellest küsimusega, kas vajate suuremat paketti või sooviksite vanu kavasid kustutada.