White Label- coaching app med eget varumärke

Vi anpassar vår Trainero Client App för att matcha ditt företags varumärke så att du kan erbjuda den till dina kunder som din egen app.

Tiotusentals personliga tränare, coacher och gym använder Trainero.com för att driva sina företag på det mest lönsamma, engagerande och inspirerande sätt.

Trainero på 90 sekunder

The White Label Concept Includes All The Features

Client App

  • Workout & diet plans
  • Add own workouts, food diaries, etc
  • Follow progress
  • Appointment booking
  • Discussion forum & Chat
  • 15 languages
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Coach App

  • Create workout & diet plans
  • Create online courses
  • Follow progress
  • Personal training
  • Hybrid & online coaching
  • Media Library for own content
  • Discussion forum & Chat
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Online Store

  • Sell online courses, workout & diet plans, supplements, etc.
  • Normal and recurring products
  • Voucher codes
  • Various payment methods
  • Analytics & reports
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  • Manage clients, groups and trainers
  • Manage online store
  • Manage appointments
  • Manage digital contracts
  • Analytics & reports
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Client App

Client App är en mobilapp som används av personliga tränares, online coaches och gymmets kunder. Kunderna kan se sina tränings- och kostprogram, följa framstegen, bläddra i kalendern och chatta med tränaren.

Branded look

When your clients download the App and open it, they will see a login page with your company's name, logo, and color scheme.

15 languages

The user interface is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Greek, Macedonian, Russian and Arabic. The coach can easily create workout and diet plans in a foreign language as well, since all exercises and food items are translated to several languages.


With the calendar, the client knows every day what tasks and programs are included in the current plan. The calendar is not just a calendar for workouts, but the coach can schedule anything for the client to do or see on a particular day, such as:

  • Share videos and photos
  • Give instructions
  • Share articles
  • Assign tasks
  • Ask for feedback
  • Send automated emails, chat messages, and push notifications

Clients can also add their own workouts to the calendar, keep a food diary, or add other events.

Workout Plans

Trainero has one of the largest exercise collections on the market. It allows coaches to create versatile and effective workout plans. In addition to the pictures, there are videos of every exercise, so clients can safely and correctly carry out the workouts even on their own.

In addition to Trainero's comprehensive exercise collection and almost 100 ready-made workout plan templates, you can use your own materials, pictures, and videos without limitations.

When the workout has an exact time set into it, the client will receive a push notification when it's time to start the training.

Diet Plans

Trainero has a collection of more than 4,000 food items, and with them, coaches can build comprehensive and specific diet plans for their clients.

The client gets a clear breakdown of the diet plan's content: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Fibers, and much more.

You can easily add your custom food items to the food item collection, so it suits your client's needs.

Meals can be scheduled so that the client receives a push notification every time it's time to have a meal.

Progress Tracking

The coach can follow the client's progress with over 20 different measuring points, such as weight, blood pressure, circumference, sleep, etc. Clients will receive a push notification every time they should enter some measurement data.

Clients can follow their progress with the help of informative graphs. The coach sees the same graphs and can conveniently monitor how the clients are evolving.

The coach can also create an unlimited number of own custom measuring points.

Booking Calendar

Looking for a booking calendar that can handle all of your scheduling needs? Look no further! With our intuitive interface, you can easily define your working hours and allow multiple clients to book into the same event. Want to limit capacity? No problem – our platform lets you set a maximum number of clients per event and enable queueing to keep your schedule running smoothly.

Discussion Forum

You can easily create posts and allow your customers to comment on them, providing valuable feedback and insights that can help you improve your products and services. You can even pin important posts to the top of your forum, ensuring that your most important messages are always front and center.

But that's not all! The forum is also incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Whether you want to create an FAQ section, a blog, or simply share information with your customers, our multi-purpose platform has got you covered.


With a built-in chat, the coach can keep in touch with the clients conveniently and effortlessly.

You can attach all types of files to your messages, such as pictures, videos, and PDFs.

When a client belongs to a group, he or she can chat with other group members and motivate each other.

If necessary, the chat can also be turned off.

Form Builder

Introducing the powerful form builder feature! Create custom forms, questionnaires, and weekly reports with ease. Collect valuable data from your clients and analyze it effortlessly. Compare data across multiple forms and assign them to individual clients or groups. And if you prefer, collect data anonymously. Plus, generate insightful reports to share with your team or clients. With the form builder, you'll streamline your data collection and analysis process, and make better-informed decisions.

Advertise Additional Services

Create client or group-specific ads shown on the client app's home page where they will be noticed. For example, you can advertise additional services, products in your online store, or just announce important issues like new opening hours of your gym.

Push notifications are an effective way to reach your clients. You can redirect a client to an application or a website, such as an online store or a landing page that sells additional services.

App för coacher

Skapa tränings- och kostprogram, skapa onlinekurser, hantera kunder och grupper, chatta med kunderna, dela innehåll. osv. Coach App är den mest mångsidiga och pålitliga plattformen som finns tillgänglig för personliga tränare och gym.

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CRM för administrering

Hantera ditt företag med ett helt integrerat CRM som fungerar sömlöst med andra delar av Trainero. Hantera kunder, coacher, beställningar och betalningar.

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Inbyggd webbutik

Sälj produkter, onlinekurser och andra tjänster som kan byggas med Coach-appen. Du kan hantera dina produkter och beställningar genom CRM, och du kan även anpassa design och innehåll för att matcha ditt eget varumärke.

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White Label Concept Briefly

Trainero Client App is a mobile application used by the clients of personal trainers, online coaches, and gyms to support their coaching. It allows them to view their own workout and diet plans, follow their progress, and communicate with their coach. One of our main focuses on developing the App was the interaction between the client and the coach. With the App, the client gets support, programs, and advice in a really user-friendly way. With the App, the coach can ensure safe and consistent progress and keep the motivation high even in longer coaching relationships.

Trainero Client App is a flexible platform. It supports different coaching styles for many businesses, such as gyms, dance schools, yoga and pilates instructors, and various sports clubs. You can freely create any content into the Trainero Client App and then share it with your clients and groups either instantly or at a scheduled time.

In our White Label concept, we create a custom App based on the Trainero Client App, which will perfectly match your brand, color scheme, and special requirements. It's also possible to develop custom features, such as integrations with payment processors, access control, and CRM systems.

Examples of Different Use Cases

A gym wants to motivate, support, and coach its clients in a more versatile way

A gym owner decides to offer the gym's clients a White Label App based on the Trainero Client App. The app allows coaching relationships to deepen from the normal workout sessions with a personal trainer to cover also the time when the customers train alone and need support and motivation.

Typically, gym's clients are only a few hours a week at the gym, and this App allows coaches to motivate and guide them during the moments when they need it the most. Client satisfaction increases when they reach their goals and thereby reduces the number of canceled gym memberships. It's also possible to sell additional services, such as memberships or supplements, by using the built-in "News" feature.

A gym wants to expand its business to online coaching

A gym owner wants to expand the business to cover also online coaching, so potential clients are not just the people living near the gym. Online coaching also enables a new, broader client base and a more diverse business model. Therefore, the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 do not affect the company's revenue so much.

With the White Label App, the gym can sell online services to various client groups (e.g., weight loss groups and yoga classes). With automated functions, one trainer can coach and manage large groups with thousands of members. The trainer's Coach App has an entirely new feature called "Timeline" which is a predefined period of time in which a trainer can create the content and then schedule it to be shared with the client at a specific time. The Timeline feature automatically shares the content with the clients and groups.

A sports club wants to increase the quality of junior members' workouts that they do by themselves and to improve performance in specific areas

They will begin to use their own White Label App and choose the coaches to create detailed workout plans and instructions. When the workout plans and instructions are ready, the club's junior members download the White Label App from the App Store or Google Play and start to follow the plans created by the coaches.

In their Coach App, the coaches can see how the juniors perform the exercises and workouts. They can provide additional instructions if necessary, for example, by videos and chat messages.

The coaches' work becomes more productive with the App's help because it enables online coaching, sharing information, and motivating the juniors whenever it's needed.

An online coach wants to stand out from the competition with an own App

An online coach wants to stand out from the competition with an own application, increase brand recognition, and automate as much of the work as possible to increase the number of clients and revenue without working more hours.

The coach's clients download the White Label App that is created to match the coach's brand, and then he can share versatile content with the clients.

The coach uses a unique feature called "Timeline", which is a predefined period of time in which a trainer can create the content and then schedule it to be shared with the client at a specific time. The Timeline feature automatically shares the content with the clients and groups. The coach can create different types of Timelines and sell them online, and this whole process can be automated! The coach can also add push notifications to plans and other tasks on the Timeline, so the client will receive a push notification whenever it is time to train or do other important tasks.

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