API & Integrations

With our built-in integrations to many popular systems and with our powerful REST API, you can connect practically anything to work seamlessly with Trainero.

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Trainero API

You may have other systems already implemented in your business, such as CRM, ERP, and so on. With our flexible and extensive JSON REST API you can connect any system to Trainero.com! You can do a wide variety of operations with the API.

  • Sign up new clients or trainers
  • Log in clients or trainers for SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Read all the information about clients: client details, sign in times, programs' details, exercise completion times, etc
  • Read all the information about trainers: trainer details, sign in times, productivity data, etc
  • Read all the information about groups
  • Read statistics about communication between trainer and the clients
  • Update client, group and trainer details
  • Delete or suspend clients or trainers
  • Send messages to a client or all the clients at the same time

In addition to API, we have webhooks, so you know if something important happens in Trainero, like when the Trainer adds a new client. With webhooks, you can keep your CRM in sync with Trainero.

Read our API Documentation.

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For ambitious coaches, trainers, and gyms around the world, Trainero makes running a coaching business a simple, borderless, and enjoyable experience. Our Team is constantly developing the service to make it the best coaching platform ever built.


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