Inbyggd webbutik

Sälj produkter, onlinekurser och andra tjänster som kan byggas med Coach-appen. Du kan hantera dina produkter och beställningar genom CRM, och du kan även anpassa design och innehåll för att matcha ditt eget varumärke.

Own Online Store

Create programs, online courses, and other services with Trainero's coach app and then conveniently sell them in the built-in online store. Automate the entire sales process!

Forget all the tedious integrations between different systems. Now everything is available in one service.

  • Unlimited number of products
  • One-time or monthly fee products
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Voucher codes
  • Customize the style of the store to fit your brand
  • Own domain

Manage Products

Use your coach account to freely create content, programs, courses, etc., and with a couple of clicks in CRM, put them up for sale in your own online store. You can use one-time or recurring payments in the products.

The customer will automatically get the purchased content into their Client App, to which you can also share e.g. advertisements and announcements about new services and courses.

Selling physical products such as clothing, supplements, and books is also easy, as you can automatically direct orders to your own inventory management system, which handles the packaging and shipping for you.

Manage Orders and Payments

You can choose from several different payment methods the ones you want to use. Your company receives all of the payments without intermediaries.

In recurring invoicing, the system automatically sends payment reminders and, if necessary, denies access to the app and the content.

Track and Analyze

You can easily see the key figures of the online store. For example, which online courses are the most popular, and how much is the total revenue.

You can also track the activity of coaches and different locations.

You can install your own tracking codes, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and even Google Tagmanager to provide you with valuable insight to your business

Download reports to Excel files, and use them in accounting

Customize Appearance

The online store's appearance and some of the features can be customized according to your brand, e.g.:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Color scheme
  • Pictures & texts
  • Payment methods
  • Own domain
  • Digital contracts that the customer must accept when purchasing your products

You can freely edit the information above, and the content of the online store.

Coaches Can Sell Products

It's also possible to sell the online store's products and services directly through a coach account.

For example, a coach can sell additional services and products directly to a client during an appointment. The coach selects a product from the product list in his or her Coach App, and with a touch of a button, the client receives a payment link by email or text message.

White Label- client app med eget varumärke

Med vår White Label-lösning kan du erbjuda dina kunder din egen mobilapplikation som är byggd på den mest interaktiva och flexibla coachingsplattformen på marknaden. Applikationen använder de senaste molnteknikerna och låter dig producera högkvalitativa och moderna coachningstjänster för dina kunder.

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Alla våra paket innehåller alla våra funktioner och en obegränsad mängd kunder, grupper och tränarkonton.


kr150I månaden

  • Coach App
  • Client App
  • Upp till 50 program*


kr600I månaden

  • Coach App
  • Client App
  • Upp till 600 program*

White Label-plan

  • Coach App
  • Gratis Client App med eget varumärke
  • Obegränsat antal program*

* Ett program med flera dagliga träningspass räknas som ett program. Ett kostprogram med flera dagliga program räknas som ett program. Du kommer att få ett meddelande när du håller på att nå limiten på ditt paket, så att du kan uppgradera eller ta bort program för att hållas inom limiten.